Rain City Skills x Throws N' Brews Metalhead Yo-Yo - Many Extras Included!

Color: Black as Death
Sale price$ 50

The Metalhead is the most performance oriented yoyo since Rain City's Hipster Highlife. It's big and powerful without sacrificing the fun feel you've come to know and love. Rain City opted for a more traditional rounded hub, but with a unique design to facilitate fingerspin.

Width: 46.7mm
Diameter: 55.1mm
Weight: 66.4g weight
Bearing: Groove Concave

-Rain City Skills Thick string

-A pair of custom engraved guitar picks. The Pink is .5mm (Jeremy's preferred thickness) and .6mm (Thomas's preferred thickness).

-One of 16 random Lego compatible musician minifigures!

These yo-yos have NO ENGRAVINGS!

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