Rain City Skills Yo-Yo Book 'The People of YoYo: Who we are and where to find us' by Mr. YoyoThrower

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"Whatever Happened to the Yoyo?"
Walk the Dog, Rock the Baby, Around the World - where are they now?

Discover how the fad of 1970s and 1990's school children has moved underground and evolved. Today yoyo is thriving and reconnecting people in ways never before imagined.

Hear voices from the Yoyoer community talk of the joy they find in this simple toy. How meditation, friendship, competition, creativity, and art come together. How yoyo has been a life-saver and mental heath tool for many.

"Yoyoing is learning. It is socialization. It is private or performance. It is everything that you can put your power personality behind. It is raw, polite, rude, and an outlet for that personality. Yoyo is for everyone."
-Chris Allen

Come, join Mr. YoyoThrower and re-discover this age-old toy and find your place is the modern world of yoyo.

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