RECESS DIPLOMAT YO-YO - 7075 Aluminum- Colin Beckford Signature Model

Color: Black
Sale price$ 70
The Diplomat is the second mono-metal design to come from Recess, and it is top-tier! This is the signature yo-yo of Colin Beckford, and it was used to take third in 1A at US Nationals and the EYYC 1A Open Division. The yo-yo has a very straightforward design that is specifically for function, and it does not disappoint in being something that players use to practice for competition or have fun with casually with friends.
The large amount of rim weight allows for long spin times and great stability, which allows for numerous trick types to work excellently such as speed, technical tricks, horizontal, and even simply relaxed play! The clean hub also allows for an appealing look and the ability to fingerspin efficiently.
Weight (g): 64.7
Diameter (mm): 56.37
Width (mm): 42.7
Gap (mm): 4.5
Bearing: Size C - Grooved Bearing
Response: 19mm Slim Pads

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