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RECESS Joyride YO-YO - Aluminum YOYO - Fingerspin Dimple- Smooth Blasted Finish-

$ 40.00 
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The Joyride has a large organic shape that feels comfortable in the hand.

From Recess:
"has always been a fan of organic shapes. Launching in 2015 with the First Base and Joyride, utilizing all the classic elements of an organic shaped yoyo, they've been staples in our product line ever since.

We wanted to reference our original designs as much as possible, while still modernizing them for the new generation.

The latest Joyride is BIG. Adding almost a whole millimeter to the width and diameter - widening the string gap .40MM to make the gap and response JUST right for modern tricks. Capping it off with a redesigned hub, the new Joyride offers the perfect mix of modern design and classic feel."

Weight: 66.16g/2.33oz
Width: 44.7mm/1.76in
Diameter: 56.72mm/2.23in
Gap: 4.5mm/.17in
Material: 6061 Aluminum