Recess x Zeekio Quiz Yo-Yo - 100% Steel YoYo - Comes Responsive but Plays Amazing Unresponsive too! Pouch Included!

Color: Raw
Sale price$ 90

Recess x Zeekio Collaboration

In a world where everything is perfect, how do you make it fun? The Quiz by Recess x Zeekio samples both. Walking between design deity, and pocket powerhouse.

We are huge proponents of honing your skills and developing your style, for players of any level, by throwing responsive. Creating an intersection between being in complete control, but also being patient and observant, reacting to how your YoYo is moving.

There is a delicate balance between weight distribution, shape, and bearing type to make a responsive YoYo play perfectly.

The Quiz feels light in the hand, but the power behind the Steel really shows as you are yoyoing.

Most YoYos are heavily rim weighted. The angular momentum created by this, causes your Yoyo to resist changes to it’s rotation and movement along the axis you are throwing. With the Quiz, Steel is so dense that you don’t need much added volume to the rim in order to feel how powerful your YoYo is. Creating a more agile YoYo.

Look closely at the gap, and you will see there is a flat wall of steel around the response pad. First, this creates a solid wall for your string to build against as the Quiz is returning to your hand. More room for contact equals easier return. This also adds some stability as, your string is not coming into constant contact with the entire YoYo body.

We went with a flat 10-ball bearing, with rubber shields. The shields help keep lube in. If you notice with your metal shielded bearings, there’s a small gap between the inner race and the shield. This helps lube get in, but also get out. The rubber shield fills this gap in, keeping your lube inside your bearing. Keeping your YoYo nice and tug responsive.

The name “Quiz” comes from the United Kingdom, which was a slang term for yoyos in the 1800-1900s. Running with this theme, we took a few key European design elements that would make a great YoYo.

- durability
- versatility
- clean design

From automobiles, to appliances, to clothing, there are countless European brands with a rich design history. Creating products that stand the test of time, are engineered amazingly for their use/s, and have a timeless look.

Whether you would be jamming through rail combos with an unresponsive bearing, casually tossing some responsive mid-school tricks, or passing it off to that friend who has never thrown a Yoyo - we created a beautiful YoYo capable of handling what ever comes it’s way.

Weight: 64.3g
Width: 34mm
Diameter: 53mm
Material: Steel

Includes String, Stickers and Yo-Yo Pouch (colors vary)

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