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Retic Yoyo Asp Yo-Yo - H Profile Mono-Metal - Slim Line Yo-Yo

$ 100.00 
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From Reticulated Return Tops:
This yoyo was heavily inspired by the smashing yoyo Pip. I love the pip but have always wished it was easier/funner to play. Well, this feels like perfection :)

A little about the name Asp.
Asp, is the modern form of aspis, a name used in classical antiquity for a venomous snake, most likely the Egyptian cobra, Naja haje. It was the symbol of royalty in Egypt, and its bite was used for the execution of favoured criminals in Greco-Roman times. Cleopatra is said to have killed herself with an asp.

Weight: 64.2g/2.26oz
Width: 35mm/1.38in
Diameter: 54.98mm/2.16in
Gap Width: 4.46mm/0.18in
Material: 6061 Aluminum