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RSO Bowl MG Yo-Yo - Anodized Magnesium YoYo

$ 379.99 
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The Bowl Series needs no introduction. It's simple yet versatile structure sets the Bowl apart. The goal of the Bowl Series was never to create yo-yos with identical play feels. Instead, it was to produce visually similar designs using different materials to create a diverse range of play experiences. As a result, each Bowl may look similar to the others, but they are uniquely crafted to deliver contrasting play feels.

Bowl Mg is a stunning yo-yo that beckons to be held. Its exquisite, almost white/light grey matte finish is a sight to behold, unlike anything you'll find on other metal alloys. But it's not just a pretty face - the magic happens when you start throwing it. This yo-yo's playfeel is nothing short of nimble and airy. The weight is evenly distributed thanks to magnesium's low density, giving it a distinct, almost "fluffy" movement signature on the string and impressive hang time. It's like playing with a yo-yo made of marshmallows or helium.

ATILA is the mastermind behind the artwork, showcasing RSO's beloved sloth with a bowl cut, none other than Owen, who has been prominently featured on previous full-sized Bowl releases. In this latest iteration, Owen has taken on the guise of Rambo in a dense jungle landscape, brandishing a formidable machine gun ("Mg") as he embarks on a clandestine mission.

Weight: 63.7g/2.25oz
Width: 45mm/1.77in
Diameter: 56mm/2.20in
Gap: 4.4mm/0.17in
Material: Anodized Magnesium

What's in the Box:
RSO Special Forces Enamel Pin
Top Secret Map Certificate of Authenticity
Pair of CLYW Slim/G-Grip Size Type 50 RSO Landing Pads
Red String