RSO x ILYY E1NSTiEN Yo-Yo- Undersized Titanium YoYo with Extras! Round Spinning Objects x I LOVE YOYO

Color: Raw Polished
Sale price$ 320

RSO x ILYY collaboration

From RSO:
The OG E1NS CAD was used as a starting point. We decided to keep the original diameter (50.0mm) and gap width (4.0mm) but upgrade the innards to a more modern axle and response system of M4 x 12 mm and 19mm respectively. The prototype played amazingly, but we felt it was a tad too heavy at 62.2g. The hub on the prototype was also too prominent and looked dated. The final production model weighs 61.5g and features a lower peak at the hub. We kept the full aesthetics of the original and gave it a peppier engine and feel for those lucky enough to drive one!

This was perhaps the most challenging aspect of the project and fortunately, I was able to meet the challenge head on from my experience in designing and manufacturing The Bowl. There had to be a smooth transition from the base of the bump ascending up to its peak - an abrupt transition would result in the bump looking “separate” from the yo-yo. We literally spent hours tinkering with the transition and curves in the hub! We have our competent machinist to thank - he managed to nail our vision of the signature ILYY hub on the E1NSTiEN.

P.S. The E1NSTiEN is powered by RSO’s proprietary Type 40 magenta LANDING PADS.

Material: TITANIUM
Diameter: 50mm,
Width: 40.4mm
Gap: 4.0mm
Weight: 61.5g
Axle: M4 X 12Mmm
Bearing: C

Certificate of authenticity in the form of a security number pad
Cerebral print protective cloth
E1NSTIEN Cyberbrain enamel pin
Pair of RSO TYPE 40 Magenta landing pads
Neon green fat string

Only 66 MADE

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