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SENSE YOYO Next Journey Yo-Yo - Mono-Metal - Ahmad Karisma Signature YoYo

$ 49.99 

A "Next Journey"; of Ahmad Kharisma and SENSE.

Senseeing Editions: Notes from Tong representing SENSE.
Here I would love to state some possible Uncontrollable-Situations on the surface of FTP and NJ:
1. Due to Multiple-Oxidation, Ocasional and Minimal White-Spots may appear on the surface;
2. Due to the Handmade Acid-Splashing and Manual Oil-Coating, there may be Uneven Color-Coverage on the Inner-Ring, and A Little Multi-Color Exposed on the Side.
If you come across the above situations, PLEASE DO NOT consider them as scars caused by bumps, and PLEASE DO NOT assume that SENSE's Quality Inspection Standards are low. Because these are indeed Unavoidable. Of course, if you mind, we understand and apologize for not being able to make an artwork as perfect as possible.
In my design philosophy, designing & producing an innovative yo-yo feels like doing a "suicide-trick", and sometimes we lose points due to mistakes, but even so, we get more or less impressive.

Next Journey is the single-metal version of Journey, one of the high-end flagships out of Sense's previous brand stage. Unlike Journey, which once focused on technology and performance while presenting a visually cold appearance, Next Journey attempts to combine production processes and cultural elements to convey a sense of warmth.

The overall visual appearance designing, from color matching to pattern, is based on Ahmad's favorite national style; In addition, although the Next Journey inherits the exterior characteristics of the Journey, it presents a completely different experience in terms of performance. The bimetallic version was quite tough, while the single metal version is more gentle. The bimetallic version condenses explosive power into a exquisite size of 55mm and 45mm, while the single metal provides a sense of comfort and composure with a diameter of 56.5mm and a width of 46.8mm.

Throughout, NJ series and FTP series have been carrying SENSE's mission in visual innovation
while meeting performance requirements.
In response to continuous inquiries from the community, SENSE and Ahmad have adopted
entirely glossy process on the third run of Next-Journey.
In order to make the overall visual image more layered, multiple, multi-color, and multi-part
laser-engraving processes were adopted before and after the oxidation process. Therefore, on
the new NJ, different color schemes with different brightness and depth are displayed.
Correspondingly, different colors are given respective themes, namely flowers, water flow,
grassland, and desert.

Weight: 66.45g/2.34oz
Width: 46.8mm/1.84in
Diameter: 56.5mm/2.22in
Material: 6061 Aluminum