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SENSE YOYO Next Journey Yo-Yo - Mono-Metal - Ahmad Karisma Signature YoYo

$ 49.99 

A "Next Journey"; of Ahmad Kharisma and SENSE.

Next Journey is the single-metal version of Journey, one of the high-end flagships out of Sense's previous brand stage. Unlike Journey, which once focused on technology and performance while presenting a visually cold appearance, Next Journey attempts to combine production processes and cultural elements to convey a sense of warmth.

The overall visual appearance designing, from color matching to pattern, is based on Ahmad's favorite national style; In addition, although the Next Journey inherits the exterior characteristics of the Journey, it presents a completely different experience in terms of performance. The bimetallic version was quite tough, while the single metal version is more gentle. The bimetallic version condenses explosive power into a exquisite size of 55mm and 45mm, while the single metal provides a sense of comfort and composure with a diameter of 56.5mm and a width of 46.8mm.

Weight: 66.45g/2.34oz
Width: 46.8mm/1.84in
Diameter: 56.5mm/2.22in
Material: 6061 Aluminum