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SENSE YOYO Senti-Metal Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal YoYo - AVAILABLE 4/20/24 @ 8pm EST

$ 119.99 


Senti-Metal -- the very first high end 1A flagship of SENSE

Senti-Metal was born during the development process of Journey 2.0 and was in advance

Some players may have experienced Journey 1 out of YYP time, whose aluminum and stainless
steel parts both get extremely extended due to the large proportion of the ss-rim, so that it is
compatible with explosive, crisp, and hollow feelings. Senti-Metal and Journey 2 is the further
exploration in such a direction.

About design:
The hollow cavity originally used in Journey 1 (for weight-decreasing) is one of the key factors to
cause the so-called hollow and crisp feelings, which is also the reason why SENSE turned to the
development of ''cap yo-yos'' from the beginning of 2024 -- a yo-yo with caps is theoretically
more ''structurally malleable'' , and we hope to explore more diverse using experiences with this

Senti-Metal is formed with 6061 aluminum body, stainless steel rim and 6061 aluminum cap.
Besides, SENSE hopes to temporarily break away from the design inertia of ''minimalism'' and
''curves'' , and from scratch create a brand new blueprint with ''technological'' and ''tough style''.

The entire yo-yo is equipped with ultra wide rim parts, a two-section side on which there are
small facets/steps and slightly bulging caps. And the edge of cap is raised forming a deep air
groove with the ss-rim edge.

Experience overview:
1. Sense of track: The side's slope constrains strings ensuring the movement trajectory of yoyo,
and the inertia provided by the large ss-rim also enhances such a feeling.
2. Sense of power: Due to the large ss-rim proportion and the slight constriction in A-area.
3. Sense of sharpness: About 80% of the entire structure is extended to a thickness of 1mm,
which means that what rotates in the are and breaks through it is not a thick metal body, but
rather a clump of metal pages.
4. Sense of stability: Largely flat ss-rim and air groove in edge part ensure sufficient rotational
inertia and air balance.
5. Sense of cohesion: The overall weight distribution brought by rim parts, body parts and caps
is relatively harmonious, thus it doesn't feel cut.

About name:
''Senti-Metal'' is changed from the word ''sentimental'' an adjective with ''sense'' as its root, and
thus has a new meaning -- a high-end metallic yoyo made by SENSE.


SENSE 2024 High End Flagship

Bearing Gap:4.50mm
Material:6061al body + 6061al cap + 304ss rim