Shuriken JUJI Yo-Yo - Wide Rim - 7068 Aluminum YoYo

Color: Silver
Sale price$ 64.99

Shurikenyoyos - Juji
Wide rims usually come with a narrow catch zone which isn't ideal for most modern tricks. The easiest way to overcome this major drawback is to make the overall width even wider! JUJI's wide rims can disperse the impact force efficiently when it returns to your hand and you can land your tricks easily because of the decently wide catch zone.

JUJI is pretty light weighing in at 61.75g. Taking advantage of 7068 aluminium' density, the thickness of the wall is around 1 mm, and the rest of the weight goes to the rims. The rim weight and the relatively large diameter (58.98mm) give JUJI some extra power and stability at such a light weight.

JUJI feels floaty but it is stable and powerful enough for you to throw any tricks on it!

Weight: 61.75g/2.18oz
Width: 52.06mm/2.05in
Diameter: 58.98mm/2.32in
Gap Width: 4.6mm/0.18in
Axle: M4*8mm
Response Pad: 19*14*1.15mm
Material: 7068 Aluminium

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