Shuriken Senban Yo-Yo - Slimline 7068 Mono-Metal YoYo

Color: Diego Red A-Grade
Sale price$ 60

Introducing the second release by Shuriken Yoyos - The Senban.
The Senban is a slimline unresponsive yo-yo designed to be a fun and pocketable option for those
who needs a nice everyday carry! With a 37mm width, it fits in your pocket perfectly and you can
work on your control and precision for modern tricks with it. While staying under 60g, Senban has
sufficient rim weight for decent spin power by taking advantage of the strength of 7068 aluminium
The name 'Senban' comes from the Senban Shuriken (せんばん手裏剣) which is a four-pointed
ninja star commonly used by Togakure-ryū (戸隠流) ninjutsu users. A logo of Senban Shuriken is
engraved on the outer rim on the yo-yo.

B-Grade - Smooth with subtle anodization flaws

Weight: 59.7g/2.1oz
Width: 37mm/1.46in
Diameter: 56.87mm/2.24in
Gap Width: 4.4mm/0.17in
Bearing: Center Track Bearing
Axle: 4x8mm
Material: 7068 ALuminum
Finish: Matte

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