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Snake Bite Snake Skin Yo-Yo String Holder

Snake Bite Snake Skin Yo-Yo String Holder

$ 3.99

Snake Bite Snake Skin Yo-Yo string holder is a great new way to keep your bulk yo-yo strings together and under control. Any serious yo-yo player knows that bunches of yo-yo strings have a way of getting tangled and knotted and turning into a stringy mess. Snake bite has come up with the solution. Made from stretch polyester, Snake skins are about 2 feet long and have a reenforced elastic neck to keep your strings secure and neat. a 4 inch slit on the side makes it easy to load your strings. Just scrunch them in, pull the knotted ends through the neck and give it a shake or two, and your strings are under control. Whether in your backpack, yo-yo case, or just kicking around your room, no more messy string bunches. Snake Bite's snake skin is a better way to tame your yo-yo strings. Holds up to 100 Yo-yo Strings. Yo-yo Strings NOT included

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