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Sochi Company x JIGUN MG Lithium Yo-Yo - Magnesium Alloy YoYo

$ 250.00 


From Jigun:
Introducing our collaborative and limited (100 pieces) creation with Sochi, one of the most renowned yoyo equipment companies, we present you with the "MG - Lithium", the recreation of Sochi's founder- Luckey Li's classic signature yoyo "Lithium". Our aim is to advance the original model with the finest materials and design of 2023, all while ensuring that it has a relatively more affordable price.

Background Story:
Having extensively explored various yoyo-accessories companies in the market, we found that Sochi is the most ideal collaborative partner with the accessories that have the most profound impact on our product's performance. As a result, we purchased a significant quantity of Sochi's products to integrate into our own. Luckey, the visionary behind Sochi, has brought a wealth of experience in yo-yo design and production and has ventured into CNC machining and OEM services and it was our pleasure to collaborate with such an experienced designer who has made profound impacts in the yoyo community. Thus, both parties pooled their finest designs and materials to recreate a classic yo-yo, stunning in its elegance and performance.

In 2023, the best material undoubtedly lies in magnesium alloy. Yet, we aimed for more. To meet the desires of the majority of yo-yo enthusiasts, we endeavored to craft a version that combines magnesium alloy with stainless steel. This alloy amalgamation empowers an astonishing aspect ratio of 2.5:1, bestowing heightened spin power and an impressive hollow sensation.

Weight: 64.9g/2.29oz
Width: 46.9mm/1.84in
Diameter: 55.8mm/2.19in
Body Material: Magnesium Alloy
Ring Material: Stainless Steel