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Sochi Company x LEP YOFO Yo-Yo - Spin Top & YoYo All In One

$ 100.00 

The name sounds like a UFO because this yo-yo looks like one. This is a novel design, not attempted by many brands, put bearing locks on both sides. Therefore, the design can be disassembled and flip each half to become a yo-yo of different shapes. This patented design is equipped with custom made 1.1 mm pads and 16 mm axel supplied by Sochi.

YOFO comes from the idea that we want anyone to be able to spin a yo-yo on the ground or on their hands and do DNA tricks at any time. Meanwhile, the yo-yo can be assembled into another form for regular tricks.

Weight: 64.6g/2.28oz
Width: 44.4mm/1.75in
Diameter: 50mm/1.97in
Material: 7068 Aluminum & PC
Axle: 16mm
Bearing: Size C
Response: 18mm
Brand: LEP - Lab Exploration Program