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Sochi Company Yo-Yo Bearing - T Bearing - Centering Wing Shaped - Replacement YoYo Bearing

$ 11.99 

These are Sochi's centering, wing-shaped bearings.

They wanted to be able to provide yoyoers with a high quality, smooth bearing, right out of the box. They do not need to lubed at all, and you won't need to buy 100 of them at a time, hoping to get maybe 10 of them that are good. Each one will be tested before shipment.

T Shape - These are standard centering, wing-shaped bearings.

Ceramic - Balls, inner ring, outer ring - almost everything you see here in our ceramic bearings is made from high quality ceramic. Except for the ball cage, which is made from nylon to give the bearing a unique sound and feel. Absolutely no metal parts means absolutely no rust; a little soap and water is all you need to keep these fresh and clean. Concave outer race for string centering.

Ceramic Ball (Hybrid) - Stainless steel inner and outer races with ceramic balls inside that do not need lubed.

V Shape - V shaped outer race for strong string centering

V1 Shape - All the string centering of the V shape with an added groove in the center.