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Sochi Company Yo-Yo Showcase - Clear Acrylic - YoYo Display Case - Varying Sizes

$ 59.99 

Acrylic Show Case for your yoyos (yoyos not included)

Keep your yo-yos on display. This display Case from Sochi Company is exactly what you need to help you show off your favorite yoyo's. Clear Acrylic case that holds and displays your yoyos. Magnetic lid that is etched with the SOCHI name. Removable stands for each box for your yoyos to sit on safely. Each box is approximately a 3" cube.

1- 3"x3"x3"
6- 8.8"x5.9"x3"
9- 8.8"x8.8"x3"
12-11.7"x 8.8"x3"
25- 14.6"x14.6"x3"