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sOMEThING PHENOM Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal YoYo with Stainless Steel Rings

$ 239.99 


The original Phenom was a legendary 2010 YoyoJam bimetal signature for World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki, who needed something extreme to keep up with his speedy routines.
While a totally new and modern design with a much more comfortable rounded shape, with this revival sOMEThING pays homage to the original design with mid-body steel rings and a strong emphasis on overall power, playability and speed. Much like the original, the powerful weight distribution of the Phenom allows for extreme stability when performing even the longest combos and is fully competition ready, but great at any level of play!

Weight :67g/2.36oz
Width : 46mm/1.81in
Diameter :56mm/2.20in
Material : Body - Aluminum 6061
Rim Weight : Stainless Steel