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Special Confetti Edition Spintastics Tigershark, Ball-bearing, Classic Yo-Yo Hand Painted

$ 15.99 

 Special Edition, Hand painted design we call 'feeding frenzy. ' Very limited amount available. Whether your a Spintastics collector, or just appreciate a great looking and performing yo-yo. You want to take a second look at this limited edition. Hand painted, so everyone is a little different.

First introduced back in the 1990s by world champion Dale Oliver. The Tigershark's fundamental design has not changed and it continues to provide the classic feel, well balanced performance, and championship vibe. Once you throw the Tigershark you will see what a great plastic can do and know why so many champions say it was their first real Yo-Yo.

The Tigershark was the first to use extra rim-weights for longer spins. The perfect weight, perfect balance, and classic looks, with updated graphics keep the Tigershark looking and playing like the champion it is. Upgrades over the years provide longer spins, smoother string tricks, and the starburst response give it just the right response. Unscrews for easy tangle release. Truly a Yo-Yo for all levels of play.

Looking for value? Looking for real performance? Looking to own a yo-yo legend? Look no further, the Tigershark awaits.

Weight: 57.2 g/2.02oz
Width: 32.8mm/2.23"
Diameter: 56.8mm/2.23"
Starburst Response
Size E steel ball bearing (7.9mm/.31" x 3mm/.1")

Comes with extra string.
Made in USA