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Spintastics Hurricane Yo-Yo - Classic Wooden Axle Looping YoYo

$ 8.88 

Spintastics Hurricane, Looping Yo-Yo, Classic Shape, Wooden Axle, Designed by World Yo-Yo Champion

The Hurricane by Spintastics is designed and used by World Yo-Yo Champion Dale Oliver. This Yo-yo is engineered for looping and responsive tricks like Loop the Loop, Shoot the Moon, Rock the Baby, U.F.O, Milk the Cow, and Dog Bite!

The material we used is ABS plastic which is one of the strongest and safest plastics for yo-yos. It also has a wooden axle which is the best technology for beginner and looping tricks.

This is a take-apart design - it means you could open the yo-yo if your string gets tangled or knotted and for maintenance purposes, unlike other yo-yos in the market which cannot be taken apart.

Weight: 59g/2.08oz
Diameter: 57.4mm/2.26in
Axle: Wood

Can be upgraded with our Ball-Bearing Upgrade Kit. (not included)