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Spintastics Manta Ray Yo-Yo

$ 8.99 

Spintastics Manta Ray. A classic beginner yo-yo.

World Yo-Yo Champion Dale Oliver designed the Manta Ray by Spintastics. This Wooden-axle Yo-Yo is a Butterfly Shape which is also known as Wing Shape Yo-Yo. This type of design enables you to create string tricks with ease.

The material we used is ABS plastic which is one of the strongest and safest plastics for yo-yos. It also has the "Metal Speed Rings" to add extra spin times every throw!

This is a take-apart design - it means you could open the yo-yo if your strings got tangles and knots and for maintenance purposes. Unlike the other yo-yos in the market, you cannot take it apart.

Weight: 54.7g/1.93oz
Width: 32.1mm/1.26in
Axle: Wooden