Spintime El Presidente Yo-Yo - Bi Metal YoYo - Aluminum with Stainless Steel Ring - Brian Melford Signature

Color: Clear with Rainbow
Sale price$ 127

El Presidente is the signature yoyo of Brian Melford. The yoyo is machined from 7068 aluminum and features advanced stainless steel ring placement for ultimate performance. A curvy profile adds to the playability of the yoyo making it a` joy to throw for hours on end. The yoyo takes inspiration from some of Melford’s favorite yoyos from the past like the SPYY Punchline, YYC Spectrum and Melford special, as well as taking design elements from OD Valor and ST Empire. Don’t sleep check out this special throw that will include special edition pouch made specifically for this yoyo and laced with anonymous string!

Diameter: 57mm
Width: 46mm
Weight: 66g
Material: Aluminum 7068
Ring Material: Stainless Steel

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