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Spiral x MK1 Sliver - Advanced Slimline

$ 54.00 
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This yoyo is the product of a collaboration between Throw Spiral and MK1 yoyos.

The "Sliver" was created out of the need to make a better performance slimline that challenges the player without limiting them. They carefully chose which aesthetics to bring in to the design, including an expansive flat cup and the signature Spiral rim groove in the face, and a faceted inverse round shape in the profile to reduce string drag. The slim form factor makes the Sliver an exceptional daily companion.

Weight: 63g/2.22oz
Width: 34mm/1.34in
Diameter: 54mm/2.13in
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Bearing: Size C
Pads: 19mm
Axle: 8mmx4mm