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Sturm Panzer Mini Panzer Yo-Yo - Smallest Undersized Unresponsive YoYo

$ 62.99 
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The Mini-Panzer is a single material metal yo-yo featuring full functional bind play style. This is a new level of mini sized yoyo's that use a smaller axel, ball bearing and Customized slim string.

Weight: 21.8g/0.77oz
Width: 15.8mm/0.62in
Diameter: 18mm/0.71in
Material: Brass
Bearing: NSK MR52 flat ball bearing
Response System: O-Ring
Axle: m2x10mm

Included in the Package:
spare bearing and axle
axle wrench
3 extra mini strings and O-rings
customized yoyo polishing cloth
a handmade rope that can hand your yoyo like a necklace