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Sundia Evo Fixed Axle Diabolo

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Sundia Evo G3 Transparent Diabolo - Fixed Axle

A Ryo design. The Evolution G3 Transparent Diabolo cup design reduces the overall weight to 247g. The axle's center has a metal string tracking center with hard anodized aluminum cups (the black section), making up the rest of the axle greatly reduces string and stick friction on the axle. It also reduces string discoloration, as the anodized center does not blacken the string.

What really makes this diabolo unique is that is has a teflon inserted ring added to the cup. This is done so the point at which the string touches the inside of the cup it hits this teflon ring. This ring is very slippery, making adjusting the angle of the diabolo with the string is easier. This is important when doing 2-3 diabolos at the same time. In the photo of the green diabolo the teflon ring is the black ring on the cup. This diabolo also has an increased outer weight distribution. The outside edge of the cup is thicker pushing the centrifical force of the diabolo on the outside edge more. This is by far the most advanced diabolo made, and really makes a difference for advanced player.

Weight: 147g/
Length: 14.5cm/5.5in
Diameter: 12.5cm/5in

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