Sundia Sun Diabolo - Crystal Series

Color: Blue
Sale price$ 29.99
Sundia Sun Diabolo Crystal Series has durable flexible cups and a fixed axle design for killer tricks!

The Sundia Sun Series diabolo is a rubber cupped, fixed axle diabolo with the same shape, feel and characteristics of the Fly Diabolo but with the increased durability of rubber cups for play on rough surfaces. The stainless steel axle is the same as the superior fixed fly set. Like the Fly, the Sun diabolo is stable, gains speed fast and is great for grinds.
Axle: Stainless or Competition 3 in 1 Weight:290g(metal washer) 275g(plastic washer)

Sun Light Series has an extra inner ring
Axle: Competition 3 in 1 Weight:250g(metal washer)

Diameter 12.8 cm
Height: 14.2 cm
Weight: 275 grams
Bearing: Fixed

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