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Taste Yo-Yo String by Jakub Plader - Polyester Blend - 13 Pack YoYo Replacement Strings

$ 7.99 

Taste yoyo strings come in a biodegradable carton box containing 13 quality tested strings and stickers. They are created with a Polish blend of polyester and a bit of Nylon. They are stiffer which makes them perfect for slacks, tech tricks and much more durable, lasting longer than leading string brands. Even after days of playing they hold their tension and color. Each string takes a couple of minutes of play to break in and adjust to your play style.

About the Project from Taste -
We have recreated Taste Strings, A project that has been recognizable among Polish and European players. We worked on the new string formula and managed to get them just right. Some of our favorite European players started to test them to give us feedback and some of them used our strings on stage at Czech YoYo Nationals.