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The Bern Bi-Metal Yo-Yo by yoyo Zeekio - YoYoSam

The Bern Bi-Metal Yo-Yo by yoyo Zeekio

$ 64.99 $ 74.99

Material: Aluminum with Steel and Plastic Rings
Weight: 66.5 g
Diameter: 54 mm
Width: 42 mm
Gap: 4.76 mm
Bearing: Size C

Given the fact that everyone knows this image and everyone has heard about the "Bern" yoyo Zeekio decided to keep the ball rolling with timely piece of yo-yo history. The Bern is an awesome bi-metal throw with a familiar looking outline on the side.
The Bern is machined aluminum with incredibly well balanced steel rings that provide increased rim weight. The steel is plated to give it a colorful finish and has a decorative plastic ring embedded in the side to give a great look. Looks aside these rings add rim weight that makes this yo-yo smooth, stable, and provides awesome spin times.

NOTE: The Bern yo-yo is not associated with any political party or any political movement.

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