The Good Life DGTZR Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal John Wolfe's Signature YoYo

Color: Forest Brush
Sale price$ 110

The DGTZR (pronounced digitizer) is John Wolfe's signature throw. If you haven't seen any of John's winning national 5a routines there's a good chance you've seen him slinging string making up new 1a tricks online. When The Good Life first talked to him about a signature yoyo some of his favorites were the Mantra and the Gully, but having a throw that's nimble enough for 5a and stable enough for 1a was ultimately the goal. Taking notes from previous designs prototyping started, and a couple tries later they came up with something good. weighing in at 66.8 grams the DGTZR is on the heavier side for a bimetal but moves quickly even through dense tricks. The added weight and shape give it that nice nimble feel for 5a, stability for 1a, and generally feels good in hand/ on throw when playing casually.
When John isn't yoyoing he spends a lot of his time doing digital embroidery work, which has been a big inspiration for this project. The name "DGTZR" refers to the program John uses to make images into machine embroidery, also known as "digitizing."

The DGTZR is quickly becoming a favorite for The Good Life Team!

Weight: 66.8g/2.36oz
Diameter: 54.55mm/2.15in
Width: 44.3mm/1.74in
Gap: 4.55mm/0.18in

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