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The Good Life Gully Yo-Yo - 7068 Aluminum - Bi-Metal YoYo

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Description from The Good Life:
When designing our first yoyo the Gully back to 2017 the goal was to make a bubbly shaped bimetal yoyo in hopes to bridge the gap of fun and competitive play a little better. It was truly awesome to bring our vision to life - we made a stable yoyo capable of handling a wide range of tricks, and with all the soul we were looking for too. After playing with them for a while we started thinking... what would a 7068 version be like? With 7068 aluminum being denser and stronger than 6061 our goal was to take aesthetic and play as far as we could in creating a new version of our first throw. The upgraded body allows the walls of the yoyo to be pushed even thinner than the original, and be more rim weighted. Coming in at 63.8 grams the gully is on the lighter side and the extra rim weight gives it a more balanced, solid feel while keeping all the same specs. We're stoked to be able to continue working with and evolving our first yoyo ever with some throwback colorways - Throw-gurt and Cherry Limeade. As more 7068 Gullies go out into the world we hope everyone can enjoy our favorite fun little bubbly bimetal throw too. Happy throwing!

Width: 44.2mm/1.74in
Diameter: 56.2mm/2.21in
Gap Width: 4.5mm/0.18in