The Good Life Mantra Yo-Yo - High Performance YoYo- Michael Stecz's Signature Yo-Yo!

Color: Moraea (Teal)
Sale price$ 65

When The Good Life started working with Michael Stecz on the Mantra it was clear that simplicity was a key factor for him. With that in mind, they set out to create a yo-yo that delivers that floaty feel on the string, is stable for competition tricks, and all while keeping the shape and design as simple as possible. After a couple prototypes they knew what they had was a keeper and started thinking more about aesthetics.

Mantra colors are all floral themed, Moraea is a teal flower, Dahlia being a nice red and black, and bloom, a burnt orange to represent the bright colors of spring.

The Good Life is very excited to be able to bring the Mantra to life. They believe it is truly something special and hope you can try one some day.


Weight: 64.7

Diameter: 56mm

Width: 47mm

Bearing gap: 4.5mm


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