The Planet Diabolo Project - 3 DVD Collection, 1 Poster, 1 Booklet

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Jump into an amazing journey around the diabolo world with The Diabolo Planet Project. Includes: 3 DVD's, 1 Poster and 1 Booklet. Created by Nico Pires, Priam Pierret and Thierry Delaveau. Recorded over 4 years on 5 continents, The Planet Diabolo Project aims to introduce the art of diabolo to the world. The diabolo revolution is on, so get ready to jump into an epic journey around the mysteries of this simple game born in China centuries ago.

1 - The Movie: Follow Nico on an amazing journey between dream and reality documentary and fiction...And discover the freestyles and visions of artists all around the world! 180 mins.
2 - Tutorials: All you need to become a diabolo expert! Follow the advice of our artists and learn tricks from beginner to advanced level! 110mins
3 - Performances: Discover the acts of some of the best diabolo performers in the world: Tony Frebourg, Tr'espace, Willam Lin, the MHD Crew, the Sharpe Brothers, Cie Filophile...and many more! 170 mins.

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