The Ride - Bi-metal high performance Yo-Yo from yoyo Zeekio

Color: Silver
Sale price$ 69.99
The Ride is truly something special. Aluminum and steel in a modified "H" design with organic curves from the edges of the rim to the bearing seat. The result is a solid performer with great spin times, steady as a rock and lands solid but soft on the string.

Made from quality aluminum the shape is perfect for complex string tricks. The steel inner ring adds the stability and solid feel you expect with a quality big-metal yo-yo, but because it's located closer to the center, as opposed to on the rim, the yo-yo doesn't land on your string like a brick.

For people who really know performance yo-yos, The Ride is for you. Innovation, style and performance. The Ride takes you where you want to go.


Weight: 66 grams
Diameters: 55 mm
Width: 46 mm
String Gap: 4mm
Upgraded bearing
Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Silicone Response pads

Available in Royal Blue, Purple and Silver

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