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Thesis Yoyos Da Capo Yo-Yo - Delrin YoYo with Aluminum Caps

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Da Capo: From The Beginning
Da Capo (DC) was designed around the Serenade, an iconic Delrin that grew Thesis into the brand it is today. While maintaining the nostalgic play of the Serenade, the DC takes a step into the direction of exploring a new aesthetic: anodized caps on a Delrin body. This allows for both a unique feeling on the string and a variety of colorways previously exclusive to metal yoyos to be brought into the machined plastic world.

Weight: 65.6g/2.31oz
Width: 49.7mm/1.96in
Diameter: 56.6mm/2.23in
Body Material: Delrin
Cap Material: 6061 Aluminum
Bearing: CT
Response: 19mm

Some are concave while others are convex, with the difference being minimal.