Thesis Yoyos Serenade Yo-Yo - Delrin/POM - Colin Nguyen signature YoYo

Color: Black with Black Hub
Sale price$ 45

Fun. There is not better way to describe this yoyo than by the feeling it invokes.

The large round rims, silky material, and finger-spin optimized cup make this yoyo perfect for all types of grinds. The extremely wide body make it almost impossible to miss your trick, yet in the hand it does not feel overwhelmingly fact many don't even realize how wide it is until we will tell them!

A large drawback of plastic yoyos is the limited stability, but that will never be an issue with the serenade. This yoyo spins for days and rivals even bimetal yoyos in its performance on the string.

The bulbous rims are the most noticeable characteristic of this yoyo. It's a feature which makes it identifiable in an instant. In a pile of a 100 yoyos, this will stand out and that alone is why for many it has become a staple in their collection.

The new packaging includes a custom insert designed in-house that uses our head designer's background in origami to create a paper fold that can hold and display the yoyo after taking it out of the packaging.

Weight: 65.4g
Width: 49.7mm
Diameter: 56.6mm
Gap Width: 4.55mm

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