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Throw Spiral Kappa Yo-Yo - Competitive Organinc YoYo

$ 65.00 
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From the start the Kappa was designed to challenge conventional wisdom about organic profiles and the role of rim weight in performance. In a market split between casual organic yoyos and competitive models composed of harsh angles, the Kappa stands out by refusing to compromise between performance and ergonomics. Instead it borrows the best of both worlds, combining comfortable organic rims with a low-friction V-shaped inner profile. Stability is achieved through an aggressive weight distribution enabled by 7068, but the spin power is balanced with a modest total weight of 64.3g to maintain maneuverability. The result is something remarkable- a truly competitive organic yoyo for the modern era.

YoYoSam Exclusive Colorway - Galaxy Blasted with Spiral-Chan art work,
YoYoSam Exclusive Colorway - Olive Blasted with Kapp character art work
Matt Doyle Edition - Glossy finish with white engraving
Adrian Esteban Edition - Matte Finish with Phenakistoscope Engraving by Drew Tetz

Weight: 64.3g/2.37oz
Width: 45mm/1.77in
Diameter: 56mm/2.2in
Gap: 4.46mm/0.18in
Axle: Stainless Steel 8x4mm
Material: 7068 Aluminum