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Throwing Sideways & Friends PWRHouse Yo-Yo - Monometal YoYo - Available 5/23 @ 6PM

$ 49.99 
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PWRHouse YoYo

From Throwing Sideways & Friends:
"Well here it is! Our new release, the PWRHouse! This guy is fast, nimble, powerful, and can handle anything you'll throw at it (pun intended). We initially wanted to create something more undersized but quickly realized this design was impossible at the specs we wanted it. So instead of changing the design, we made it bigger and brought it up to a 'regular-sized' throw! The 'W' shape and rim weight help with stability making it a great beginner throw, and everything else makes it great for advanced players! We just can't put this thing down and we're sure you won't be able to either!

Weight: 63.1g/2.23oz
Width: 45mm/1.77in
Diameter: 55mm/2.17in