TOP YO Dominator Yo-Yo - Aluminum with Stainless Steel Rims - Lin Junyi Signature Model

Color: Silver/Gold Rims
Sale price$ 70
This latest release from TopYo is the signature model of Lin Junyi - The 2018 CYCC Luyu Regional Champion! This is the Dominator!

The Dominator is a fully custom design created to fit the dynamic play style that Lin Junyi brings to every competition. The Dominator inherits the mojo shape re-interpreted with a beautiful bi-metal design. The ultra-thin aluminum walls are fitted with stainless steel outer placed rings for maximum spin power and maneuverability. It has a comfortable shape in the hand, a fast feel on the string, and a powerful spin!

The electroplated stainless steel rings give this yo-yo a really standout look and once you throw it you won't want to put it down!

Material:A7003+Stainless steel
Finishi:sand blast

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