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TOP YO Noema Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal - Song Zihao Signature YoYo

$ 79.99 

Wider than ever, the 2019 3A Division China Champion Song Zihao signature model. It is only about 1mm wider than his previous signature the Cheapskate, but with more significant changes to the shape and Stainless-Steel Rim. The step-round has an H profile with a wider rim that extends beyond the body. The weight can now be pulled into the diameter but also in the width making it wider and less prone to flopping.

Weight: 66g/2.33oz
Width: 48.4mm/1.9in
Diameter: 56mm/2.20in
Gap: 4.5mm/0.18in
Body Material: 7003 Aluminum
Ring Material: Stainless Steel