TOP YO Nuit Yo-Yo - Aluminum YoYo with Polycarbonate Rings

Color: Mildew (Blue/Pink/Silver Acid Wash)
Sale price$ 39.99

Top Yo - Nuit

Today the yo-yo is facing homogenization with many having a similar look and performance. While maintaining the you expect in a modern yo-yo, TopYo is exploring new structures and techniques to keep their designs feeling and looking fresh. This is the NUIT!

As a high-quality plastic material, polycarbonate has been used in the production of the yo-yo body - And now TopYo is using it as a new approach to the standard weight rings. After several tests and prototypes they found that plastic rings can have subtle changes in weight distribution and overall performance as well as giving it a really unique look!

The Nuit is a fun new spin on yo-yo design with fantastic performance. Fast, stable, and extra maneuverable in play, this yo-yo has something for everyone!

Weight (g): 66.8
Diameter (mm): 55.69
Width (mm): 44.87
Trapeze Width (mm): 42
Body Shape: H-Profile
Body Material: Aluminum (7003)
Rim: Plastic

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