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TOP YO Time Jacker Yo-Yo - Wide Bi-Metal - Su Jia Peng Signature YoYo

$ 69.99 
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Wide bimetal throw is Su Jia Peng's new signature model!

Time Jacker is the signature model for Team Top Yo member, Su Jia Peng. From the specs you can see that it's a wide bimetal yo-yo that's a little on the light side at 64 grams. A lot of that is concentrated in the rim, giving the Time Jacker a lot of power and speed, but also providing a very steady spin for long and complex combo moves. It's very responsive to your commands, making it a precision weapon at high speeds, ready to move to any position with perfect control.

Weight: 64.3g/2.27oz
Width: 47.1mm/1.85in
Diameter: 56mm/2.2in
Gap: 4.6mm/0.18in
Body Material: 7003 ALuminum
Ring Material: Stainless Steel