TOP Yo Turbine Yo Yo - Wang Weichuan signature model, Takuto Authorization Shape

Color: Camouflage (Green/Brown)
Sale price$ 55
TOPYO Wang Weichuan signature yo yo -TURBINE

Thanks to Takuto for the authorization of Zero shape system
The turbine is tailored according to Wang Weichuan's preference. It has solid and poweful throw feeling.
The classic splash finish with full blast,combine a unique turbine profile, giving it the most cool appearance.
Redefining the "hot pot" middle area design brings a whole new weight distribution, not just a special shape.
Full size diameter with 45mm width, you can use it to challenge all kinds of difficult tricks.

Gap: 4.6mm
Finish: sand blast
shape: H-Profile
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy (7003)
Bearing Type: String Center Bearing
Bearing Size; Size C (Large)
Response: Slim (OD 19mm)

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