TOP Yo Unknown X Top Yo Turbine YoYo - Signature Unkown Black Limited Edition Yo-Yo

Sale price$ 69.99
Black colorway is a collaboration model with UNKNOWN, only 30 made. What makes it special is the signature Unknown black and of course the laser engraving on the Yo-Yo.

The Turbine jumped to center stage when Top Yo released it, and due to its peculiar profile with large rims, this Yo-Yo gives an unmatchable feel. This is not the first time we see this type of profile on the market, but it’s also not easy to find this type of Yo-Yo. Don’t you think so?
Top Yo created the Turbine to meet the needs of players who are stuck at an intermediate level and want to up their game. This throw helps improve in style and technique without having to spend too much money on a high end Yo-Yo. This was the original plan but the truth is many advanced players wanted to get a piece of it too. That is why it is not uncommon to see this throw at Yo-Yo competitions. However, what you will probably not see is the limited edition Unknown x Top Yo.

Gap: 4.6mm
Finish: sand blast
shape: H-Profile
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy (7003)
Bearing Type: String Center Bearing
Bearing Size; Size C (Large)
Response: Slim (OD 19mm)

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