TOP YO x YOYO BARISTA Robusta Yo-Yo - Penetrating Ring Bimetal YoYo

Color: Silver w/Black Ring
Sale price$ 100

TOPYO x yoyobarista
New through-structured bimetal yo-yo Robusta

The Robusta opens up a new ring structure. Seeing the outer ring, the inner ring and the middle ring, Robusta uses a different way than the previous one - "through"
No matter from the front or the side, there is only one stainless steel ring.
The “through” ring structure achieves a high concentration of weight distribution.
The shortening of the distance from the opposite side ring brings unparalleled stable spinning and extremely high yield rate.

Material: 7003 Aluminum Alloy
Diameter: 56mm
Width: 44.6mm
Weight: 65.2g
Gap: 4.6mm

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