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Toybania x Doc Pop The Thing Yo-Yo - Delrin YoYo

$ 49.00 

The "Thing" Delrin Yo-Yo: A Collaboration with Doctor Popular, Designed for Portability and Performance.

The "Thing" Delrin Yo-Yo, a collaborative creation with the renowned yo-yo expert Doctor Popular, is the perfect combination of portability and outstanding performance. With its lightweight design, striking aesthetics, and titanium guts at the center, the "Thing" delivers an exceptional yo-yoing experience that you can carry with ease.

The yoyo can effortlessly switch between responsive and unresponsive play, challenging players to push their skills to new levels. In responsive mode, it returns with ease, making it ideal for beginners or those who prefer a more traditional yoyo feel. With a simple bearing switch, it transforms into an unresponsive beast, offering longer spin times and the ability to perform more advanced tricks.

Crafted from high-quality delrin material, the Toybania Thing Yoyo 2023 ensures not only durability but also an elegant appearance. Its sleek black body with striking purple hubs is sure to capture the attention of yoyo enthusiasts of all ages.

Weight: 55.7g/1.96oz
Diameter: 58mm/2.28in