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Turner Return Tops Cenote YoYo - Slightly Undersized Aluminum Yo-Yo

$ 74.99 

From Turner Return Tops

Cenote is our first undersized return top. Pocketable and light on the string, this top lends itself to long play sessions and rewards clean play. Cenote does not fight against your movements, instead, it floats about on the string and is very comfortable to catch. The response bump/schmoove groove allow for controllability without being too frustrating, and the higher walls lend themselves to satisfying regens. An over-rounded rim makes this slimmer throw feel a little phatter in the hand than may be expected. And the inner ring grind lip further adds to the catch comfort and allows for thumb grinds. We love grinds!

We reduced the overall weight of this design to be more in-line with our other floaty throw, the Buoy! The final production version weighs in at only 63g (+.2g for Sugar Sand/Moon Rock/Micro Arc Oxidation). Don't let the lighter weight fool you though, Cenote still has plenty of spin to power through combos, without feeling like a rock at the end of your string.

We've also widened the response gap from our previous 2 releases from 4.2mm to 4.4mm. We wanted to give the player more room for string layering, without sacrificing a satisfying super snappy bind. This is also helped by the Round Spinning Objects Type 50 Landing Pads that are installed on each Cenote.

With this latest model, we are proud to present our first Artist Series, Secrets of the Seas!

We had the privilege of working with our longtime friend and tattoo artist, Vanessa Harper, to bring our watery visions to life. Each of the 5 unique designs in this series is an original art piece hand drawn by Vanessa and then optimized for engraving by Bruce. We hope you'll discover as much fun and fantasy in exploring these scenes as we have! You can find Vanessa on Instagram @vanessaharpertattoo.

Each design is limited to 6 pieces, for a total of 30 tops in the entire series. Each top will have the limited art engraved on one side and the word art "Secrets fo the Seas" on the other. Secrets of the Seas will not be reproduced, this is a limited series!

Cenote will be available in 2 different colorways:

-Sugar Sand (Micro Arc Oxidation)

-Secrets of the Seas (Blue with engravings)

Each Cenote comes packaged in our standard hand stamped box alongside a TRT sticker, TRT Series #2 POG, TRT Button Pin, a Zipline Executive Class Lite string, and RSO Type 50 Landing Pads installed.