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Twisted Blox Yo-Yo Counterweight - Handmade Acrylic YoYo Counter Weight by Twisted Stringz

$ 14.99 
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Handmade Counterweights. Each one is unique. They are hand cut from a variety of molded acrylic blocks. Shaped, Drilled and polished, all by hand, Gives each one a unique feel and look. They all weigh between 10.4 grams and 10.9 grams. Putting them in the counterweight sweet spot.

It is practical art that can be used as our counterweight, or worn as jewelry (why not).

They are all rectangular shaped, some a little more square than the others. Some edges are more rounded than others, and some are enchanted by a n evil wizard, but we're not saying which.

Come in a black velour drawstring bag.