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Twisted Stringz Yo-Yo Strings - Polyester - Solid Extra Thick YoYo String - 100 Pack

$ 22.99 

Twisted Stringz set out to make a high quality polyester yo-yo string that would change the bulk string game! And they did!

Twisted Stringz feature a polyester that breaks in quickly and maintains a long string life. It performs well and holds slacks and whips exceptionally well. The vibrant neon colors make it easy to see on stage or camera.

All Twisted Stringz are extra long, Twisted long! 60 inches unstretched! Cut them to your perfect size! No need to adjust your play to the yo-yo string length, Twisted thinks your string length should match your play, not the other way around.

Finally with 3 thicknesses to choose from: normal, thick and extra thick to ensure a string that fits everyone's needs. Twisted Stringz. Get Twisted.

Length: 60"
Quantity: 100 Strings
Thickness: Extra Thick/Extra Fat
Twisted String Cutter Included!