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Unparalleled Coglite Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal - Colin Beckford Signature YoYo

$ 99.99 

Cognition Lite - something new based on one of our most popular series, which is Colin Beckford's signature line. Unparalleled decided to work on a lighter version of Colin's original signature, the Cognition, in order to reflect his increasing pace in his tricks. The first proto was perfect - it invoked this unique feeling of power & float, which is what Colin wanted.

This is a rerun of Colin's original bimetal design, the recognition, with updated specs. The weight of the yoyo was reduced by a few grams and the shape was slightly adapted to make it more comfortable for 1A. The result is a less bulky and more nimble version of the original Cognition, known as Cognition Lite or "Coglite"

Weight: 63.3g/2.23oz
Width: 45mm/1.77in
Diameter: 56.4mm/2.22in