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Unparalleled Elevation Yo-Yo - 7075 Aluminum Mono Metal - Patrick Canny Signature YoYo

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Unparalleled Elevation

The Elevation is a Patrick Canny Signature YoYo. It is a full sized mono metal yoyo designed to help players hit their best tricks when it matters most. It's heavily inspired by mid-school competitive designs, but with modern aesthetics, materials, and play characteristics. The elevation has a balance between strong competitive and casual yoyo. The Elevation was named to pay tribute to Patrick's residency in the Mile High City and his love for exploring the high alpine wilderness of the Western United States. In regards to helping preserve the beauty of the West, Patrick will be donating a portion of each Elevation sale to conservation organizations such as the Sierra Club.

Weight: 65mm / 2.59in
Width: 46mm / 1.8in
Diameter: 56mm / 2.2in
Gap: 44mm / 1.7in
Bearing: Size C
Response: Slim 19mm
Axle: 4x8mm
Body Material: 7075 Aluminum